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MinIO Object Storage for Hybrid Cloud

MinIO is a Kubernetes-native object store designed to provide high performance with an S3-compatible API. Administrators leveraging Kubernetes orchestration can deploy multi-tenant MinIO object storage within private and public cloud infrastructures (the “Hybrid Cloud”). Developers can rely on S3-compatibility when migrating applications from single-cloud or legacy infrastructures to MinIO-backed hybrid cloud object storage.

The MinIO Operator is a first-party Kubernetes extension that adds a Custom Resource Definition for deploying MinIO Tenants onto Kubernetes clusters. MinIO’s Kubernetes offering includes the MinIO Plugin extension to the Kubernetes command line tool kubectl. kubectl minio supports deploying and managing MinIO Tenants on Kubernetes clusters.

This documentation reflects version 4.2.7 of the MinIO Kubernetes Operator and Plugin. Both the Operator and Plugin require Kubernetes 1.19.0 or later. The Operator and Plugin v3.X.X releases required Kubernetes 1.17.0 or later. You must upgrade your Kubernetes cluster to 1.19.0 or later to use Operator v4.0.0+.

This documentation assumes familiarity with all referenced Kubernetes concepts, utilities, and procedures. While this documentation may provide guidance for configuring or deploying Kubernetes-related resources on a best-effort basis, it is not a replacement for the official Kubernetes Documentation.