Replication Overview

Replication duplicates objects from one MinIO location to another MinIO location. This provides a means for data backup and recovery or for geographic distribution across regions.

MinIO supports two types of replication:

  1. Bucket Replication

  2. Site Replication

You can use one or the other, but not both types of replication.


MinIO also provides the mc mirror command. mc mirror is similar to bucket replication with the difference that bucket replication is between two MinIO locations. mc mirror duplicates objects between any two S3-compliant locations.

Bucket Replication

Bucket replication duplicates the content of a specific bucket from one MinIO location to another MinIO location. The target location can be within a MinIO deployment or across deployments.

Bucket replication can be either active-active or active-passive.

Active-active bucket replication is two-way replication where changes on either bucket duplicate to the other bucket.

Active-passive bucket replication is one-way replication where only changes on the origin bucket are made to the target bucket. With active-passive bucket repliction, changes made on the target bucket do not replicate to the origin bucket.

Site Replication

Site replication expands the features of bucket replication to include IAM, security tokens, service accounts, and bucket features the same across all sites.

Site replication links multiple MinIO deployments together and keeps the buckets, objects, and Identify and Access Management (IAM) settings in sync across all connected sites.

Each MinIO deployment (“peer site”) synchronizes the following changes across the other peer sites:

  • Creation, modification, and deletion of buckets and objects, including

  • Creation and deletion of IAM users, groups, policies, and policy mappings to users or groups (for LDAP users or groups)

  • Creation of Security Token Service (STS) credentials for session tokens verifiable from the local root credentials

  • Creation and deletion of service accounts (except those owned by the root user)

Site replication enables bucket versioning for all new and existing buckets on all replicated sites.

What Does Not Replicate?

Not everything replicates across sites.

MinIO deployments in a site replication configuration do not replicate the creation or modification of the following items: