Setup Caddy proxy with MinIO Server Slack

Caddy is a web server like Apache, nginx, or lighttpd. The purpose of Caddy is to streamline web development, deployment, and hosting workflows so that anyone can host their own web sites without requiring special technical knowledge.

In this recipe we will learn how to set up Caddy proxy with MinIO Server.

1. Prerequisites

Install MinIO Server from here.

2. Installation

Install Caddy Server from here.

3. Configuration

Create a caddy configuration file as below, change the ip addresses according to your local minio and DNS configuration.

proxy / localhost:9000 {
    header_upstream X-Forwarded-Proto {scheme}
    header_upstream X-Forwarded-Host {host}
    header_upstream Host {host}
    health_check /minio/health/ready

4. Recipe Steps

Step 1: Start minio server.

./minio --address localhost:9000 server <your_export_dir>

Step 2: Start caddy server.

Activating privacy features... done.