Rclone with MinIO Server Slack

Rclone is an open source command line program to sync files and
directories to and from cloud storage systems. It aims to be "rsync
for cloud storage".

This recipe describes how to use rclone with MinIO Server.

1. Prerequisites

First install MinIO Server from min.io.

2. Installation

Next install Rclone from rclone.org.

3. Configuration

When it configures itself MinIO will print something like this

SecretKey: MOJRH0mkL1IPauahWITSVvyDrQbEEIwljvmxdq03
Region:    us-east-1

Browser Access:

Command-line Access: https://docs.min.io/docs/minio-client-quickstart-guide
  $ mc config host add myminio USWUXHGYZQYFYFFIT3RE MOJRH0mkL1IPauahWITSVvyDrQbEEIwljvmxdq03

Object API (Amazon S3 compatible):
  Go:         https://docs.min.io/docs/golang-client-quickstart-guide
  Java:       https://docs.min.io/docs/java-client-quickstart-guide
  Python:     https://docs.min.io/docs/python-client-quickstart-guide
  JavaScript: https://docs.min.io/docs/javascript-client-quickstart-guide

You now need to configure those details into rclone.

Run Rclone config, create a new remote called minio (or anything
else) of type S3 and enter the details above something like this:

(Note that it is important to put the region in as stated above.)

env_auth> 1
secret_access_key> MOJRH0mkL1IPauahWITSVvyDrQbEEIwljvmxdq03  
region> us-east-1

Which makes the config file look like this

type = s3
env_auth = false
secret_access_key = MOJRH0mkL1IPauahWITSVvyDrQbEEIwljvmxdq03F
region = us-east-1
endpoint =
location_constraint =
server_side_encryption =

4. Commands

Here are some example commands

List buckets

rclone lsd minio:

Make a new bucket

rclone mkdir minio:bucket

Copy files into that bucket

rclone copy /path/to/files minio:bucket

Copy files back from that bucket

rclone copy minio:bucket /tmp/bucket-copy

List all the files in the bucket

rclone ls minio:bucket

Sync files into that bucket - try with --dry-run first

rclone --dry-run sync /path/to/files minio:bucket

Then sync for real

rclone sync /path/to/files minio:bucket

See the Rclone web site for more examples and docs.