MinIO Multi-user Quickstart Guide Slack

MinIO supports multiple long term users in addition to default user created during server startup. New users can be added after server starts up, and server can be configured to deny or allow access to buckets and resources to each of these users. This document explains how to add/remove users and modify their access rights.

Get started

In this document we will explain in detail on how to configure multiple users.

1. Prerequisites

2. Create a new user with canned policy

Use mc admin policy to create canned policies. Server provides a default set of canned policies namely writeonly, readonly and readwrite (these policies apply to all resources on the server). These can be overridden by custom policies using mc admin policy command.

Create new canned policy file getonly.json. This policy enables users to download all objects under my-bucketname.

cat > getonly.json << EOF
  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Action": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Resource": [
      "Sid": ""

Create new canned policy by name getonly using getonly.json policy file.

mc admin policy add myminio getonly getonly.json

Create a new user newuser on MinIO use mc admin user, specify getonly canned policy for this newuser.

mc admin user add myminio newuser newuser123 getonly

3. Disable user

Disable user newuser.

mc admin user disable myminio newuser

4. Remove user

Remove the user newuser.

mc admin user remove myminio newuser

5. Change user policy

Change the policy for user newuser to putonly canned policy.

mc admin user set-policy myminio newuser putonly

5. List all users

List all enabled and disabled users.

mc admin user list myminio

6. Configure mc

mc config host add myminio-newuser http://localhost:9000 newuser newuser123 --api s3v4
mc cat myminio-newuser/my-bucketname/my-objectname

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