How to use Paperclip with MinIO Server Slack

Paperclip is intended as an easy file attachment library for ActiveRecord. In this recipe you will learn how to configure MinIO as an object storage backend for Paperclip.

1. Prerequisites

MinIO Server is installed and running. Please follow MinIO Quickstart guide to install.

This recipe uses Play(demo Version) is a hosted MinIO server for testing and development purpose only. Play uses access_key_id Q3AM3UQ867SPQQA43P2F, secret_access_key zuf+tfteSlswRu7BJ86wekitnifILbZam1KYY3TG.

2. Installation

Install Paperclip from here

3. Paperclip Storage Configuration

config.paperclip_defaults = {
    storage: :s3,
    s3_protocol: ':https',
    s3_permissions: 'public',
    s3_region: 'us-east-1',     
    s3_credentials: {
      bucket: 'mytestbucket',
      access_key_id: 'Q3AM3UQ867SPQQA43P2F',
      secret_access_key: 'zuf+tfteSlswRu7BJ86wekitnifILbZam1KYY3TG',
    s3_host_name: '',
    s3_options: {
      endpoint: "",
      force_path_style: true
    url: ':s3_path_url',
    path: "/:class/:id.:style.:extension"

4. Explore Further

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