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mc admin update

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The mc admin update command updates all MinIO servers in the deployment. The command also supports using a private mirror server for environments where the deployment does not have public internet access.

mc admin update affects all MinIO servers in the target deployment at the same time. The update procedure interrupts in-progress API operations on the MinIO deployment. Exercise caution before issuing an update command on production environments.

Use mc admin on MinIO Deployments Only

MinIO does not support using mc admin commands with other S3-compatible services, regardless of their claimed compatibility with MinIO deployments.


Use mc admin update to update each minio server process in the MinIO deployment:

mc admin update ALIAS

Replace ALIAS with the alias of the MinIO deployment.


mc admin update has the following syntax:

mc admin update ALIAS [MIRROR_URL]

mc admin update supports the following arguments:


The alias of the MinIO deployment to update.

If the specified ALIAS corresponds to a distributed MinIO deployment, mc admin update updates all MinIO servers in the deployment at the same time. The command does not perform a rolling upgrade or similar zero or near-zero downtime upgrade procedure.

Use mc alias list to review the configured aliases and their corresponding MinIO deployment endpoints.


The mirror URL of the minio server binary to use for updating MinIO servers in the ALIAS deployment.