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mc tree

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The mc tree command lists buckets and directories in a tree format.

  • When applied to an S3-compatible service bucket, mc tree returns a tree listing of the bucket and all bucket prefixes.

  • When applied to a local filesystem directory, mc tree returns a tree listing of the directory and all of its subdirectories.


mc tree ALIAS/PATH
  • Replace ALIAS with the alias of the S3-compatible host.

  • Replace PATH with the path to the bucket on the S3-compatible host.


tree has the following syntax:

mc tree [FLAGS] TARGET [TARGET...]

tree supports the following arguments:


Required The full path to an S3-compatible service bucket or local filesystem directory.

For objects on an S3-compatible service, specify the alias of a configured service as the prefix to the TARGET path. For example:

mc stat [FLAGS] play/mybucket
--files, --f

Includes files in the object or directory in the mc tree output.


Directs mc tree to operate only on the object version(s) that existed at specified point-in-time.

  • To rewind to a specific date in the past, specify the date as an ISO8601-formatted timestamp. For example: --rewind "2020.03.24T10:00".

  • To rewind a duration in time, specify the duration as a string in #d#hh#mm#ss format. For example: --rewind "1d2hh3mm4ss".

--rewind requires that the specified --TARGET be an S3-compatible service that supports Bucket Versioning. For MinIO deployments, use mc version to enable or disable bucket versioning.