MinIO Monitoring Guide

MinIO server exposes monitoring data over endpoints. Monitoring tools can pick the data from these endpoints. This document lists the monitoring endpoints and relevant documentation.

Healthcheck Probe

MinIO server has two healthcheck related un-authenticated endpoints, a liveness probe to indicate if server is responding, cluster probe to check if server can be taken down for maintenance.

Read more on how to use these endpoints in MinIO healthcheck guide.

Prometheus Probe

MinIO allows reading metrics for the entire cluster from any single node. This allows for metrics collection for a MinIO instance across all servers. Thus, metrics collection for instances behind a load balancer can be done without any knowledge of the individual node addresses. The cluster wide metrics can be read at
<Address for MinIO Service>/minio/v2/metrics/cluster.

The additional node specific metrics which include additional go metrics or process metrics are exposed at
<Address for MinIO Node>/minio/v2/metrics/node.

To use this endpoint, setup Prometheus to scrape data from this endpoint. Read more on how to configure and use Prometheus to monitor MinIO server in How to monitor MinIO server with Prometheus.

Deprecated metrics monitoring