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MinIO Gateway adds Amazon S3 compatibility to NAS storage. You may run multiple minio instances on the same shared NAS volume as a distributed object gateway.

Run MinIO Gateway for NAS Storage

Using Docker

Please ensure to replace /shared/nasvol with actual mount path.

docker run -p 9000:9000 --name nas-s3 \
 -e "MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=minio" \
 -e "MINIO_SECRET_KEY=minio123" \
 -v /shared/nasvol:/container/vol \
 minio/minio gateway nas /container/vol

Using Binary

export MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=minio
export MINIO_SECRET_KEY=minio123
minio gateway nas /shared/nasvol

Test using MinIO Browser

MinIO Gateway comes with an embedded web based object browser. Point your web browser to to ensure that your server has started successfully.


Test using MinIO Client mc

mc provides a modern alternative to UNIX commands such as ls, cat, cp, mirror, diff etc. It supports filesystems and Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage services.

Configure mc

mc config host add mynas http://gateway-ip:9000 access_key secret_key

List buckets on nas

mc ls mynas
[2017-02-22 01:50:43 PST]     0B ferenginar/
[2017-02-26 21:43:51 PST]     0B my-bucket/
[2017-02-26 22:10:11 PST]     0B test-bucket1/

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